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About Ableworld

Ableworld is one of the country's largest mobility and homecare retailers, selling products and services for the elderly and disabled. The mobility-related market is one of the fastest growing sectors in retail and demand for Ableworld's products is increasing as the population ages and lives longer. Our aim at Ableworld is to provide caring solutions for our customers enabling them to enjoy greater independence and more comfortable and active lives. We do this by providing quality products and services at value for money prices.



Ableworld has two divisions

Ableworld is one of the country's leading mobility retailers. We are capitalising on the growing demand for goods and services for the elderly and disabled. Founded in 2001 Ableworld has grown every year and has ambitious plans for the future. An Ableworld franchise consists of two complimentary income streams a retail outlet and a stairlift business. No prior experience is necessary as full training is given but successful franchisees will require empathy with the core customer base and a desire to help people live more active and comfortable lives. Because of the nature of the skills required this franchise is ideal for a couple to manage with one person concentrating on the retail outlet and one on the stairlift business.