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Franchisee Profile


What Qualifications or Experience Do I Need?Chris at Ableworld Bournemouth

Franchisees come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. We have seen people succeed who have had backgrounds in retail, healthcare, the armed services, general management, and engineering to name but a few. As for qualifications, whilst we have people in our organisation who have very strong academic qualifications we also have equally successful people whose skills and qualifications are more experienced based.

Our ideal franchise owners are people who have the desire, energy and determination to build their own ethically-based business in the mobility sector. They will have an enthusiastic customer service mentality and want to make a difference to people’s lives through providing quality products and services that people can afford.


What Will The Franchisee's Job Entail?Ableworld paisley

An Ableworld Franchise consists of a retail outlet and a stairlift business. For the retail side you can think of the job as similar to a specialist retail manager. Building trusted relationships and giving high levels of customer service before, during and after the sale are paramount.

On the stairlift side of the business franchisees will need to be able to quote, install and repair the equipment. A background in light engineering is an advantage although full training will be given. A possible option is to hire an engineer if the franchise partner him/herself prefers to concentrate their efforts on the sales and management side.

As several of our franchisees have proved, a partnership of two people, pooling their skills and experience can work very well.

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