About our Business Model...

Retail Superstore

Assessment-based sales of industry leading products and essential household items. Build trusted relationships with customers on a daily basis and enjoy regular repeat custom.

Stairlift Installations

A lucrative income stream, your engineers will install and set up customers' stairlifts. This includes temporary rentals and permanent installations.

Ongoing Maintenance

Mobility equipment requires regular maintenance and servicing. This provides you with recurring income and loyal customers for life.

About you and your Role...

A diversity in background is welcomed, with experience in the sector not being a requirement for success. Successful Ableworld franchisees share common objectives: building a business, contributing to their local community, achieving financial success, and developing a valuable asset for future sale.
Our franchise model is adaptable to individual strengths; whether you enjoy customer interaction or prefers hands-on involvement, there are flexible roles available. Many franchisees opt to create family businesses, involving partners, siblings, and children, fostering a supportive environment within the Ableworld franchise network.
"What initially appealed to me is the flexibility of various responsibilities. One day, I'm engaged in store operations, and the next, I'm out there as an engineer or delivery driver. It's a mix of different roles that keeps things interesting. This flexibility lets me experience the business in a way that feels right for me, making every day a new adventure"

- James Studdart, Ableworld South Wales Franchisee

Your Business Journey...

Although your journey as a franchise owner is unique to you, you will pass through different stages as you work towards achieving your goals.

Stage 1: Start
Finalise your business plan, raise the finance and secure your premises
Stage 2: Launch
Your Ableworld Superstore and service van is open for business, operated by a team of three people
Stage 3: Grow
Grow a loyal team of up to 10 staff and target sales of £1m+ per year
Stage 4: Expand
Open multiple stores and grow your home-fitting business further
Stage 5: Realise
Realise the value of your asset by selling it - perhaps to your family or management team

By joining the UK's No.1 Mobility Retailer...

Your business will be providing essential products and services to the elderly in your local community. So, why not begin your venture with the credibility of a brand that's rated over 4.5 stars on a variety of platforms, instantly instilling trust in your customers

Tailored Territory for your Success...

We offer a total of 185 territories across the UK.

Our territories are meticulously designed for growth and generously tailored to meet the needs of those aged 45 and above. We base our territory planning on census data, focusing on populations of approximately over 170,000 people.

When you secure your exclusive territory, you gain special rights. This means no other franchisee or our Head Office can target customers in your designated area.

The best part? Our territories are crafted to grow with your business, potentially eliminating the need to reserve an additional territory as your footprint expands.

Join Ableworld and step into a franchise opportunity designed for simplicity and success!

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