How much can I earn with an Ableworld Franchise?

Several of our franchisees achieve an annual turnover of £1m. Naturally it's important to note that establishing your business takes time, and achieving this level of income typically doesn't happen within the first year.

How much does an Ableworld Franchise cost?

The total investment required for an Ableworld Franchise is approximately £140,000. However, it's important to note that this figure is subject to developmental factors, such as property size, fixtures and fittings within the property, among with other considerations. For further breakdown, visit our financials page, where you can find more details about the investment and associated costs.

What is a management franchise?

It's a business structure where you manage a team who provide a service, rather than providing it yourself (as an owner-operator would). A management franchise suits individuals who are confident leading and motivating a team but also don't mind getting stuck in once in a while.

What kind of support do you provide franchisees?

In addition to comprehensive initial training, our comittment to supporting franchisees extends through various facets of their business journey. We provide ongoing, customised support that evolves alongside your business growth. This support encompasses regular check-ins, personalised coaching sessions (if needed), and access to a dedicated support team. We understand that each franchisee may encounter unique challenges, so our assistance is tailored to address specific needs.

Moreover, we facilitate continuous learning opportunities, keeping franchisees updated on industry trends, market insights, and best practices. This commitment to ongoing education ensures that franchisees are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the dynamic business landscape successfully.


What kind of skills do I need to run a mobility franchise?

Our most successful franchisees don't share similar career backgrounds, but they do share similar traits: they're great people, they're ambitious, and they're determined, tenacious: even with our proven franchise model, growing a business is not simple and you'll need resilience to overcome the challenges along the way.

Is Ableworld a reputable company?

In operation since the year 2000, we hold a strong commitment to maintaining high standards across all franchisee operation.

Achieving a 4.5/5 rating Trustpilot from over 2000 customer reviews.
Holding the position of the largest Mobility & Stairlift Retailer in the UK.
Accredited by various industry awards, including distinctions such as Handicare Dealer of the Year, South Cheshire's Business of the Year, and a place in the Top 100 HSBC Elite Franchise Awards.
Recognised as a Which? Trusted Trader.

Why is a mobility franchise a good business opportunity?

A mobility franchise is a strong business opportunity driven by the rising demand for essential products like stairlifts and mobility scooters. With an ageing population, the diverse customer base includes the elderly and those with disabilities. The potential for healthcare partnerships enhances credibility.

What will the franchisee job entail?

An Ableworld franchise comprises a retail outlet and a stairlift business. On the retail side, the role is akin to that of a specialist retail manager, emphasising the establishment of trusted relationships and the delivery of exceptional customer service throughout the entire sales process. For the stairlift segment, franchisees must be proficient in quoting, installing and repairing the equipment.While a background in light engineering is advantageous, comprehensive training will be provided. An alternative option is to hire an engineer, allowing the franchise partner to focus on sales and management. As demonstrated by several successful franchisees, a collaborative approach involving two or more individuals, leveraging their diverse skills and experiences, can work very well.