Ableworld, recently hosted their much-anticipated Annual Business Conference at the prestigious Cranage Hall Hotel in Cheshire. The event, centered around the theme ‘Steps to Success’, and brought together Franchise Owners and Senior Managers from across the country to celebrate achievements, gain insights, and set the course for future growth.

The conference kicked off with an evening dinner and awards ceremony on Sunday night, where attendees celebrated the remarkable successes achieved over the past year. The event was not just about business; it was also a chance to unwind and enjoy outstanding entertainment, creating memorable moments for all attendees.

Monday was dedicated to the core of the conference, where Ableworld assembled a line-up of speakers to address the group. The conference featured a diverse range of topics, with presentations from both internal and external experts in the industry.

One of the highlights was the fireside chat with Mike Williams, the Managing Director of Ableworld. In this intimate setting, Mike was asked various questions about why he started Ableworld in the first place, shedding a light on the company’s origins and his vision for its future. Attendees has the unique opportunity to gain insights directly from the leader who founded the company, providing a deeper understanding of Ableworld’s roots and the principles that continue to drive its success.

A presentation by Bespoke Stairlifts, a key player in the industry, who gave insights into their streamlined ordering process. And Ian Kelsall from Insight6 took the stage to emphasize the critical role of the customer experience in business success. His engaging talk provided attendees with actionable strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ableworld also showcased its internal talents, with the newly appointed Regional Managers sharing their success stories, which highlighted the company’s commitment to promoting from within. The Systems team provided valuable updates on the changes to the till systems, ensuring that franchise owners are equipped with the latest tools to drive their businesses forward.

The conference reached its climax with inspiring words from Neil Cox, one of the company’s Directors. His address provided a vision for the year ahead and underscored Ableworld’s commitment to supporting its franchise owners on their journey to success.

The Ableworld Annual Business Conference not only celebrated past achievements but also provided a roadmap for future growth and success. With the theme ‘Steps to Success’ and the insightful fireside chat with Mike Williams, it was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired and equipped to take their business to new heights.