What can you earn with an Ableworld Franchise?

Our business model is designed to bring in great returns on your investment. Our model has the potential for annual sales exceeding £1 million, depending on your commitment. However, if you're looking for quick profits, our franchise might not be the right fit for you.

Starting out involves setting up and growing your business, which requires time and dedication. When you join our mobility franchise, we'll guide you through detailed financial discussions to make sure you understand how the business works.

With our strong support, you can expect good profit margins. As you expand your business by opening more stores, you're not just growing your reach - you're also building a valuable asset. This asset becomes an attractive option for sale whenever you decide to exit the business. 

How much does an Ableworld franchise cost?

Our Franchise fee is £30,000 + VAT. This includes an allowance of approximately £10,000 for marketing the launch of your new store.

The total investment level will be approximately £140,000, this figure is subject to a variety of factors such as location and size of superstore.

Through our connections with franchise lenders, we can introduce you to contacts who are prepared to lend up to 60% of the total investment (subject to status)

Franchise Fee: £30,000 + VAT

*In your first quarter of trading, you can reclaim all VAT costs back

Working Capital: £110,000

Total Investment: Approx. £140,000

*Total Investment figure is approximately, as subject to various developmental factors

Our focus goes beyond financial rewards...

At Ableworld, we believe in more than just financial rewards. Your personal satisfaction is our priority. At the start of your journey with us, it's incredibly hands-on. We actively assist you in setting up your business, recognising the challenges that come with starting something new. Going beyond the ordinary, we even provide an interim manager to oversee your superstore when you decide to take a holiday - and there's no additional charge!

As a franchisee, you're in control. Set your own working hours and schedules. Get your family or partner involved. Experience the positive impact you make on your local community and their families. At Ableworld, we take joy in giving back to your community. Join us and build a business that brings personal satisfaction and makes a positive impact in your community. 

What you can expect from your investment...

Rewarding Management Franchise
Begin with a three-person team, expanding to 10 loyal employees as you grow. Unlike similar sectors with higher staff demands, fewer employees mean fewer headaches for you!

Building Lasting Relationships
A rewarding business centred on relationships. Customers approach with needs, your team empowers them for home life, fostering loyalty. Build lifelong customer connections through mobility and independence.

Continuous Improvement
Our network of superstores and mobile engineers allows continual testing and improvement of the Ableworld offering before extending proven refinements to franchisees.
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