The Story of Ableworld...

Established in 2000 by Managing Director, Mike Williams, Ableworld boasts a rich history in the retail industry, thanks to Mike's extensive expertise with over 50 years in the industry. Before founding Ableworld, Mike played a pivotal role in establishing Focus, the second-largest DIY chain in the UK, and previously served as a Senior Buyer for B&Q.

Ableworld was established to make people's lives easier by providing them with whatever they need to overcome difficulties and achieve independence. The inception of Ableworld was spurred on by Mike's personal experience of struggling to find suitable mobility aids for an elderly relative. 

Mike's vision materalised when Ableworld opened its first store in Nantwich, positioned on one of the main high streets in Nantwich Town Centre, Beam Street. From these modest beginnings, Ableworld has evolved into a nationwide network of businesses, earning recognition as an award-winning brand. Positioned as a leader in the Mobility and Stairlifts industry, Ableworld takes pride in leading the way for others to follow.

Our commitment goes beyond business; it's about making a meaningful impact on people's lives.

Meet the Ableworld Directors