Why choose Ableworld?

An Award-Winning brand
As an Ableworld Franchise, you'll partner with an award-winning brand in the rapidly growing UK Mobility Sector.

Outstanding support
Partnering with Ableworld provides unmatched support - covering store design, marketing, technology, training and ongoing development. We equip you with the essential knowledge and tools for a thriving business.

Growing demand
The UK's ageing population is creating an increasing demand for mobility and independence support. By 2030, 20 million people aged 60+ will require some sort of mobility support.

Prized Franchise opportunity
With Ableworld, you can tap into a highly lucrative market, benefiting from diverse income streams.

Improve lives in your community
Impact the quality of life for individuals in your area who require our services.

Prime territories
Our ambitious plans for growth means prime territories with the potential for multiple stores are available nationwide.

How does our Franchise model work?

Ableworld's management franchise not only offers the flexibility to create a business tailored to your local community but also encourages starting with a small, dedicated team. With an initial focus on hands-on management, our comprehensive training and ongoing support guide you through the evolution of building a proficient team. This growth aligns with our commitment to potential financial returns, emphasising the unwavering values and ethics integral to the Ableworld brand.

Start with a small team
Begin with a small team of three staff members dedicated to serving the general public in-store and engineering.

Potential Financial Returns
Achieve a turnover exceeding £400k with an initial investment of £30k.

Uncompromising ethics and values
Embrace a brand celebrated for its commitment to ethics and values, both in customer care and franchisee support.

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